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What is Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a broad term used to describe medical therapies, usually regarded as innovative or unconventional, that may enable the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged or diseased cells, tissues and organs. Emerging scientific evidence successfully demonstrates that human cells have the capacity to self-repair and self-regenerate. How well we recover and the capacity of the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged or diseased cells, tissues and organs can be influenced by multiple factors. For example, scientists worldwide are engaged in research activities that may enable repair of damaged heart muscle after a heart attack, replacement of skin for burn victims, restoration of movement after spinal cord injury and regeneration of pancreatic tissue to produce insulin for people with diabetes. Regenerative medicine promises to extend healthy life spans and improve the quality of life by supporting and activating the body’s natural healing.

This broad field encompasses a variety of research areas including cell therapy, tissue engineering, biomaterials engineering, growth factors and transplantation science – most notably the following:

Stem cell / Cell therapy
Technologies aiming to beneficially alter the very basic cellular causes of dysfunctions, disorders, disabilities, and diseases

Therapeutic Cloning
Technologies to develop ample sources of human cells, tissues, and organs for use in acute emergency care as well as the treatment of chronic, debilitating diseases

Genetic Engineering and Genomics
Advancements that permit the identification and alteration of genetics to ameliorate dysfunctions, disorders, disabilities

Deploying micro- and molecular-sized tools to manipulate human tissue biology for microsurgical repair on a gross level, as well as microscopic nano-biology for repair at the most basic cellular level.

Anti-aging Medicine complements Regenerative Medicine, as both specialties embrace cutting-edge biomedical technologies aimed at achieving benefits for both the quality and quantity of the human lifespan. Taken collectively, the advancements offered by Anti-aging Medicine and Regenerative Medicine to improve the quality of, and/or extend the length of, the human lifespan, are the most potent emerging biomedical technologies today.

At Ageless Medical New York, we utilize the latest scientific developments in the emerging field of regenerative medicine to further assist you in the healing process. We endeavor to apply those tools currently at our disposal with the goal of helping you achieve your best health and to enhance your regenerative capacity.