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Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement

One of the hallmarks of aging is hormonal decline. Replacing hormones is another theory that some believe may influence the aging process. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), previously widely used for women approaching and in menopause, recently fell under scrutiny when it was discovered that the prescribed synthetic hormones had unexpected side effects that were sometimes fatal and generally increased health risk. Some of these health risks include breast and uterine cancer and blood clots. In the past, many of these hormones were prescribed to woman in menopause as synthetic hormone pills. This proved to be less than ideal and so other forms of HRT were developed.

A new class of hormones, Bioidentical hormones, made from botanical plants such as soy and yams are now available. The nature of these bioidentical hormones is that they look exactly the same as the hormones produced by our glands. Their molecular structures are identical although they are derived and extracted and processed from Natural sources.

In the past, the pharmaceutical industry would manufacture synthetic hormones and combine these with mare urine to create patented hormones. Today, bioidenical hormones are currently available by both natural and by pharmaceutical processing. Both products can be prescribed in various forms such as creams or oral supplement. These final products, when either rubbed on the skin or swallowed by the patient, are identified by the human body as being biologically identical to the natural hormones of the body. There are a host of bioidentical hormones available (DHEA, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Melatonin, etc.) but they don’t act in isolation. They interact. They are instruments in an orchestra. At Ageless Medical NY, we can help you to understand the issues and formulate a program that works best for you.

Potential Results of Hormonal Replacement Therapy:


Better lean muscle mass
Increased sexual potency and libido
Lowered cholesterol levels
Increased energy and stamina
Improved cognitive function and ability
Improved mood and feeling of well-being
Protection against cardiovascular disease
Improved focus and concentration

Personalized Medicine & Genomics

Not only do we at Ageless Medical NY aim to delay the signs of aging, we strive to help you achieve your maximum attainable health. We recognize that each patient is unique. We can now harness the power of genetic research to your particular needs. We will customize a program to fit your particular needs. We offer an integrative approach to chronic disease management which can help with healing of a wide variety of chronic diseases.